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Treatment of Sleeping Disorders in Marbella in the Hellerhof Clinic

We will help you get back your sleep!

Every single one of us could face this disorder. It is considered a serious problem only if the person suffers from it on a regular basis.

According to the statistics, 10% of the population in big cities suffer from various sleep disorders. Not all of them seek medical advice, which is not good – in the majority of cases, an efficient and timely treatment can be effective.

Types of Sleep Disorders

• 1. Insomnia is widespread and every one of us might suffer from it at least once during our lifetime. Apart from psychological factors, it can be caused by having too much caffeine, taking certain medications or by suffering from stress and various illnesses. It can be tormenting when a person wants to sleep, but fails to do so.
• 2. Hypersomnia is a constant feeling of sleepiness. This can result from having respiratory problems, taking certain medication or abusing drugs.
• 3. Regimen changes – it is a characteristic feature of people working with different operating schedules.
• 4. Parasomnia – which is closely connected with enuresis, sleep-walking, fears, etc. • 5. Somatic diseases – sometimes sleep disorder is caused by other serious illnesses.


All patients at the Hellerhof clinic undergo a diagnosis to specify the reasons for sleep disorders. This results in the best treatment being prescribed. Sleep disorders can also be caused by somatic diseases.

Sedative medication is prescribed in order to ease the tension. Psychotherapy practice is also used in order to teach the patient the methods of self-recovery.

In the Hellerhof clinic, you can receive treatment from highly qualified specialists. Our doctors use the best methods of treatment which allow you to get back your sleep and enjoy daily activities.


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