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Treatment of Psychosomatic Disorders at the Hellerhof Clinic

Treatment at the Hellerhof clinic – now you can manage your emotions and not the other way around.

Psychosomatic disorders are caused by psychological problems. Repressed emotions, stress, and emotional experience which the human psyche can not deal with can transform into physical illness.

For example, typical psychomatic disorders are considered to be:
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Hypertension
• Bronchial asthma
• Neurodermatitis
• Gastric ulcer and duodenal bulb ulcer

Diabetes, atherosclerotic heart disease and many other disorders are frequently caused by stress. In this respect, there is some truth to the saying - ‘All diseases are caused by worrying’.

Any emotion, either positive or negative, cause physical changes within the body, such as changes to the heart rate, blood pressure, muscle work and hormones. Failure to maintain a balance between psychological perception and physical changes within the body, results in various illnesses.

Psychosomatic disorders can not be cured by just taking medication. The person can undergo treatment for years, but will fail to recover from psychosomatic disorders. It is up to psychotherapists to treat such patients. Only then can the true diagnosis of an illness be discovered. These vary from psychological traumas, such as inner childhood conflicts, demotivation, a sense of guilt and other factors, which cause somatic symptoms.

You can undergo a course of treatment in our clinic using not only traditional practices of psychotherapy but current ones as well. When opting for a course of treatment, our specialists take into consideration the duration and gravity of an illness, age and state of health. If a patient suffers from depression, phobias and hypochondria, it is possible to combine both psychotherapy and medication.

We Practice the Following Methods of Treatment:

• Suggestive techniques: auto-training, progressive muscular relaxation
• Acute positive therapy
• Behavior therapy
• Gestalt therapy
• Drama therapy
• Art therapy
• Family therapy

We treat each patient individually, finding the most efficient way for rehabilitation. The human body has the unique ability for self-recovery, our job is to simply give this process a boost. We help eliminate the problems damaging your body, restoring your physical and mental health.


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