Treatment of Neuroses in Marbella in the Hellerhof Clinic

Treatment of Depression in Marbella in the Hellerhof Clinic

We can cure neuroses in a short space of time.

Neurosis is caused by psychological stress, in which the nervous system can not cope with. These kind of disorders are becoming extremely widespread among residents of big cities because of the frantic pace of life. All this leads to nervous exhaustion. The pace of life in a big city is no match, even for people with the steadiest of nerves.

Stresses and psychological traumas are the fundamental causes leading to neuroses. People with vulnerable psyche are more likely to suffer, because they are anxious and emotionally unstable. The consequences of upbringing can also affect the proclivity towards neuroses. Children who are over protected are more likely to suffer neuroses. People suffering from illness, fatigue and sleep disorders are also at risk developing neuroses.

Types of Neuroses

• 1. Neurasthenia results in an increased fatigability, headaches and an inability to concentrate. A patient is too emotional, vulnerable and sensitive. They may feel exhausted or depressed (a hyposthenic form) or just the other way around, feel full of energy () энергии (a hypersthenic form).
• 2. The manifestations of hysteric neurosis can vary from convulsions to paralysis, vomiting, pain in the chest and attacks of hiccups. It is as if the patient’s body tries to attract attention through various illnesses.
• 3. Neurotic depressive disorder is accompanied with a bad mood and adynamia. A patient can no longer enjoy life and has a sleeping disorder. Apart from that, there are other disorders, such as a dysfunction of the intestinal canal, erratic heart rate and dizziness.
• 4. Obsessive neurosis – results in obsessions in which the patient cannot control and cannot dispose of. There are three kinds of such neuroses: obsessive (intrusive memories, views, doubts and desires), phobic (various fears and phobias) and compulsive (actions and attractions).

Can Neuroses be Cured?

It is vital to know that neurosis is an in-between state of the psyche, and it is reversible if treated in a timely and effective manner. The specialists of the Hellerhof clinic in Marbella use a modern approach to treat neuroses. When choosing treatment, our doctors take into consideration the type of disorder, the patient’s state of health and the duration of an illness. An individual approach enhances the efficiency of treatment.

Various Approaches to Treat Neuroses in Marbella in the Hellerhof Clinic

We use various approaches to treat neuroses in our medical center in Marbella. These are:
• Cognitive therapy – a patient learns to understand his state of health and control it
• Art therapy gives a possibility to show repressed emotions and eliminate them
• Existential and humanistic therapy helps people realize the goals in their lives and build close relationships with people
• Body-oriented psychotherapy means activities with repressed feelings and emotions
• Psychoanalytic therapy (activities with early emotional experiences and traumas
• Group therapy
• Physical techniques (breathing exercises, acupuncture and others)
• Taking medications

When choosing a clinic in Marbella to treat neuroses , pay special attention to the Hellerhof clinic. The clinic offers a unique geographic location (Marbella, Costa del Sol), as well as experienced specialists who pay special attention to each patient - all of this allows us to treat illnesses in an efficient way.


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