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Treatment of Game Addiction in Marbella at the Hellerhof Clinic

Game addiction is being dependent on gaming and computer games. The desire to play is becoming dominant in the patient’s life, whilst their family, job and other hobbies become less significant. What are the reasons for this addiction? As a rule, it is the consequences of different problems. When a person is playing, they are escaping the difficulties of real life. This results in psychological problems and social alienation. Game addiction is an illness which can take a long time to recover from.


Make sure you pay attention to the warning signs, which can mean that game addiction is becoming a huge problem. If they become irritable, unsociable and prefers gaming to spending time with relatives or friends, this means the start of the addiction. Also, people often feel guilty for no reason, they tend to be depressed which can lead them to commit suicide.

The person cannot think of anything except gaming. They lose control and cannot stop in time. In this respect, gambling addiction is particularly dangerous, as the person can lose all their money and run into debts.

At the Hellerhof clinic there are specialists who can help fight this addiction.We use modern methods in order to help our patients return to a normal life.

Advantages of Treating Gambling Addiction in Mareblla in the Hellerhof Clinic

• Comprehensive approach
• An individual course of treatment for each patient
• An efficient treatment of game addiction using modern methods
• Cooperation with the relatives of the patient
• Social and psychological support

It is possible to treat game addiction, if you turn to our specialists in time.


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