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Treatment of Food Addiction in Marbella in the Hellerhof Clinic

Food is one of the main sources of pleasure. It is for this reason that it can also become an addiction. Food consumption is accompanied with the feelings of peace and tranquility which is characteristic of a person who has just had a meal. It often results in the desire to eat in order to calm down. Sometimes this addiction is very difficult to control and can be compared with alcohol abuse or drug addiction.

This kind of addiction is aggravated by the fact that overeating is not perceived by the majority of people as bad. Only after becoming obese and suffer from illness do people become concerned about this problem. A patient tries to lose weight by going on a diet, but after losing several kilos breaks away and gains even more weight. It is up to the experts to help fight food addiction, but it may take a long time. This therapy aims not only at making restrictions, but also at having the right attitude towards eating. As the saying goes, “Eat to live, not live to eat”.


In the Hellerhof clinic we offer an individual course of treatment, which includes psychotherapy practice, maintaining a specific diet and physical exercise. This helps to fight obesity and lose weight in an efficient way.

As soon as the patient resolves their psychological problems, then the less likely they will not comfort eat.

Treatment of food addiction can be divided in several stages:
• 1. At the beginning, we assess the amount of food a patient eats in a day. A special diary is used for this purpose. Sometimes people have no idea how much food they consume.
• 2. It is vital to set a fixed time for having a meal, and to plan what to have in advance.
• 3. In order to increase motivation a patient can have a piece of chocolate or candy as a “reward”.

Food addiction is often the result of emotional problems. A specialist can help to overcome this addiction. 

Recovery times depend on the patient. The efficiency of treatment is likely to be higher if the relatives support the patient.


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