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Treatment of Food Disorders in Marbella in the Hellerhof Clinic

Food disorders are a group of psychogenic disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, overeating and other disorders.

Anorexia – What Does it Mean?

Anorexia is a when a person rejects food which results in total exhaustion. It is closely connected with a distorted perception of the body and a constant fear of gaining weight. People suffering from anorexia consider themselves to be obese, even if they are on the brink of dying because of malnutrition. Women are more likely to suffer from this disorder, especially those who are emotional and sensitive. Teenagers are also prone to anorexia. Parents should be extremely attentive to their teenagers if they appear to not be satisfied with their appearance or weight.

Anorexia is an extremely dangerous disorder, in which the person will need assistance to overcome.

Methods of Treatment

In the Hellerhof clinic we adopt a comprehensive approach, aimed at the correction of physical disorders as well as psychological issues. Special medication is prescribed, and experienced psychologists and psychotherapists work with the patient. Psychotherapy aims at finding the reasons of the disorder. There are efficient art-therapy methods where the patient learns to respect themselves and their body. An individual approach and the use of modern techniques allows the patient to achieve normal weight and avoid disorder recurrences after termination of the therapy. Recovering from anorexia may take a long time.

Bulimia – Symptoms and Reasons

Bulimia is a disorder in which there is a interchange between overeating and attempting to bring up the consumed food. The patient cannot control the process of taking a meal. They try to hide overeating as they are tormented by the feeling of guilt. As a rule, such patients tend to have psychological problems such as dissatisfaction and a constant fear of gaining additional weight. His or her state is aggravated by the feeling of guilt and depression.

The Methods of Treating Bulimia

In the Hellerhof clinic we offer an individual course of treatment, which includes psychotherapy practice, maintaining a healthy diet and physical exercise. This allows to fight bulimia in an efficient way.

• Prescribing medication, if the disorder is accompanied by depression
• Providing consultations
• Cognitive psychotherapy
• Individual and group therapy
• Alternative methods (acupuncture, phytotherapy and others)

Treatment of Binge Eating in Marbella

Binge eating disorders such as bulimia involve fits of overeating. Very often, overeating results in obesity. Fits of overeating are often accompanied with the feelings of guilt and depression.

Treatment of binge eating includes:

• An individual and group therapy
• art therapy and yoga classes
• Taking medications if this disorder is accompanied by other disorders
• Alternative methods

Methods adopted in the Hellerhof clinic are extremely efficient and allow patients to turn back to a normal life.


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