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Treating Drug Addiction in Marbella in the Hellerhof Clinic

Drug addiction is a serious illness which cannot be healed without assistance. Drug addiction can be strong enough to lose the connection with relatives and loved ones. There is not only a psychological dependency, but a physical one as well. If a patient does not get any help, they may die. That is why it is essential to notice the changes in the person’s behavior and try to help them in time. The Hellerhof clinic in Marbella is the place where patients can get help from the experts and return to a normal life.


In the Hellerhof clinic we use various methods to fight addictions in Marbella. Specially designed programs aimed at treating drug addiction help achieve great results. Procedures and taking medication are included in the course of treatment, as it is necessary to help patients recover from co-existing diseases. Treatment starts from stopping drug addiction. Doctors will treat psychological dependency – we use all the modern and traditional therapy methods such as hypnosis. We find this approach helps the majority of patients eliminate drug addiction.

We also help our patients to become sociable again. Our doctors cooperate with the relatives of the patient to help them fight psychological problems.

Our Advantages

The Hellerhof clinic is one of the leading centers of treating drug abuse in Marbella and on Costa del Sol:

• Individual approach to each patient
• Applying various methods which increase the odds of recovery
• Cooperation with the relatives of a patient
• Modern programs of rehabilitation and socialization of out patients in Marbella
• No more than 5 clients in the clinic undergoing treatment in Marbella
• Anonymous treatment with the possibility of residing in a hotel or special apartment in Marbella

It is easy to fight drug addiction, if you turn to our specialist advice and support in time.


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