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Treatment of Depression in Marbella in the Hellerhof Clinic

Depression is one of the most widespread diseases in the practice of psychotherapy. According to the statistics, almost one-fourth of the population of developed countries suffer from it. In many cases, people do not seek the medical attention they need.

The reasons of depression vary, but all of them have the same symptoms, which are as follows:
• Melancholia/bad moods
• Retarded movements
• Bradylogia

Not only does depression affect all the aspects of human activity, but it also changes one’s behavior.

When Does a Person Need Help?

Sometimes each and every one of us happens to be in a bad mood. How do we determine the beginning of depression?

• 1. Emotions –a person feels anguish, melancholy, sense of guilt and discontentment all the time. He or she are not interested in the world around them, they are not interested in talking to other people, they become unsociable and irritable. Its extreme degree is the inability to experience emotions.
• 2. Human body – results in sleep disorders, tiredness, fatigue, pain of an unknown origin, constipation, loss of libido.
• 3. Behavior – a patient avoids socializing with other people, loses interest in their hobbies, may become indifferent, abuses alcohol or drugs.
• 4. Intelligence – a person fails to concentrate on a given issue, and has problems with his or her memory.

As a result, a patient may consider committing suicide. That is why it is necessary to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

How Are Patients Treated in the Hellerhof Clinic in Marbella

We practice an individual approach to each patient. The type of treatment depends on the seriousness of an illness and the patient’s state of health: 
• A mild case – a specialist consults his or her patient. After that, the patient receives ambulatory medical care, visiting the clinic in Marbella once or twice a week.
• A grave case – A patient receives hospital care under doctor’s control. The duration of treatment is set individually, and varies from one week to several months.


In our Marbella clinic we adopt these efficient methods of treatment:

• All types of psychotherapy (cognitive therapy, psychoanalysis, behavior therapy) A patient is not an outside observer, but participates actively in the process of treatment. This is why our clinic is highly efficient. Not only do we aim at curing the negative consequences of depression, but also try to teach a patient to control his or her emotions in order to avoid depression in the future.
• Taking medication.
• Lectures, practices, courses – we try to teach a patient to resolve their problems and difficult circumstances without anyone’s assistance. They learn to manage their consciousness using a number of various techniques.

In the Hellerhof clinic in Marbella you have the opportunity to undergo a course of treatment for all types of depression, including post-natal depression.

We will help you to return to a normal life!


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