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Treatment of Behavioral Disorder and Hyperactivity Among Children in Marbella and on the Cost del Sol the Hellerhof Clinic

The majority of healthy children are extremely active – they move all the time, are inquisitive and are quiet on rare occasions. But in some cases this can be a sign of hyperactivity which is considered to be a behavioral disorder. This can result in other problems later on. These children find it difficult to control their emotions, tend to be aggressive and rarely realize the consequences of their actions. Inevitably, they have problems with studying at school and interacting with their peers. Their parents must help them cope with their emotions and control their behavior. In some cases it is better to seek the help of experts in order to resolve these problems as soon as possible

Helping Children in Marbella the Hellerhof Clinic

In the Hellerhof clinic, there are many experienced child psychologists and child psychotherapists who work with children. In the clinic we use modern child psychotherapy techniques, such as art-therapy, fairy tale therapy and communication with animals. Child Psychologists in our clinic in Marbella also cooperate with children because often the problem is deep rooted in the family. A complex approach guarantees positive results and helps to overcome difficulties with studying and socializing.


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